• Matrimonial Separation & Divorce
  • Claims/Alteration to Claims for alimony payments and custody.
  • Filiation & Paternity.
  • Matrimonial regime. Settlement of jointly owned property
  • Probate, Wills and bequests
  • Legal division of inheritance and probate proceedings.
  • Civil obligations and contracts
  • Declaration of title to land
  • Breach of contract and claims for payment for non-fulfilment of contracts.

If you find yourself involved in a family conflict, you should seek advice from true professionals in the field who are able to make a detailed analysis of the matter before proceeding in order to be able to advise and inform you of each step, thus avoiding delays and major problems.

You should be aware that a subject which affects each client in a different way, and that is subject to constant legal changes, needs Lawyers expert in Family Law to obtain the most satisfactory result.